Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Finally Wore Cohen Down

Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, resisted Mueller’s intense pressure as long a he could, and when he saw Manafort convicted on 8 of 18 “charges,” he finally broke. He saw the handwriting on the wall, and has pleaded guilty to some of the charges Mueller laid against him to get his “cooperation,” and had indicated that he was “ordered” to commit a crime by “candidate in an election,” pointedly NOT naming Trump, but INTIMATING that the politician was Trump. There will predictably be no real proof of anything, beyond his unsupported word, but that will be good enough for Mueller. But not NAMING Trump didn’t set well with Mueller, so Cohen has been subpoenaed in yet ANOTHER case which, I’m sure, will be quashed if he does name Trump, in any way, with, or without proof, allowing Mueller to further libel him. Something which they don’t need, in DC. The liberal media can take just about ANYTHING and make the country think it is true after incessantly blaring it out, day after day, week after week, and month after month. (Fox News)

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