Friday, August 3, 2018

Antifa Says "Bring Guns"

The liberals try their best to convince us that right wingers roam around, carrying guns, looking for liberals to kill. In fact, it is the LIBERALS who foment ALL the violence that abounds today in politics. Historically, Dumocrats CREATED the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to “keep the black race in their place.” They deny it vehemently, but the proof is undeniable. All the “Jim Crow Laws” that were made, principally in the south, were made by Dumocrats. All the water hoses that were used on black demonstrators were wielded by Dumocrats. Martin Luther King was demonstrating against Dumocrat practices. Antifa is today’s regeneration of the KKK. The only difference is that Antifa INCLUDES blacks in its “membership,” and the only people they do violence against are people who oppose the liberal way of thinking, in any way. that’s why they attacked a PRAYER GROUP the other day. People who were doing nothing but PRAYING. Now Antifa “leadership” is advising its people to “bring guns” when they violently attack people to their “right.” They CLAIM to be “fighting Fascism,” while using Fascist tactics in their attacks. We need to have guns to use in defending ourselves against these Dumocrat-created thug gangs. (Western Journal)

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