Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"Mad Max(ine") Gets A Taste

Of her own medicine. She’s very vocal about advising the anti-Trump fools to harass Trump people. Sometimes even if they’ve just been seen talking to him, or one of his staff. Unfortunately, for her, she has now begun to suffer the same harassment from non-liberals, and she doesn’t like it. She’s whining and moaning about “the danger” of being a Member of Congress and looking to get ARMED security. She’s warning her constituents about “armed extremists” (Oath Keepers) who plan to demonstrate outside her office. Where she gets that “armed” thing is a mystery. There has never been an indication that Oath Keepers is ARMED, anywhere except in her fevered brain. She says that Oath Keepers has a “track record” of violent behavior. Where she gets that is also a mystery, because it is just a LIE, typical of her. I guess she thought she could advocate that kind of harassment, which can only end in violence, for Trump people, WITHOUT any for herself. She was wrong, as she is on everything. I hope she gets the full experience of what’s coming. (Great American Republic)

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