Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Didn't Work With Stormy

So they're doing it again. It didn’t work with Stormy the aging whore, so they’ve now found yet another gal who is willing to CLAIM she had (consensual) sex with Donald Trump, YEARS before he even thought about running for president (And what the hell would this have to do with his fitness to be president?). They found her by illegally raiding the offices and HOME of Trump’s lawyer, to get what would usually be privileged INFORMATION. In a MURDER case, raiding a defendant’s LAWYER’S office to get “evidence” would never be allowed, and any “evidence” so found, would be thrown out, as “the fruit of the poisoned tree.” Why then, is it allowed in the faux “investigation” that is trying valiantly to “frame” Trump? And what is this newfound “concern” about Trump’s POSSIBLE assignations while they IGNORE Bill Clinton’s REAL assignations, and RAPES while lauding Clinton as a hero? In DC only those who are not liberals (Dumocrats) get punished for their crimes, or their IMAGINED crimes (Meanwhile, Dumocrats who do the same for real are not punished). For liberals, our nifty “crime fighters” become criminals, themselves, by breaking all kinds of laws in their zeal to frame Trump for anything they can “drum up.” And they don’t even care if we know it, as long as their accomplices in DC can twist things so their crimes are ignored, or “explained away.” The new accusation, like the others, is based entirely on the UNSUPPORTED WORD of one person, with NO PROOF even offered. (The Mail)

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