Thursday, August 23, 2018

I'da Baked A cake

Riddle me this: If banks and other corporate entities have the right to refuse to do business with anybody who is in favor of owning a gun or self defense, or who actually OWNS a gun, how is that different, in any way, from the bakers who refuse to do business with gays or Islamic terrorists? Gays who go into a bakery and DEMAND the baker bake a special cake, CELEBRATING their lifestyle, even when the baker is diametrically OPPOSED to their lifestyle on religious grounds can and have SUED those bakers into bankruptcy for refusing. Meanwhile, corporate entities GET AWAY with doing the same thing to anybody involved with guns, in any way. This is an excellent example of the double standard there is in our courts, SUPPORTING what liberals want, while STIFLING what non-liberals want. It’s illegal, but that’s how they operate, so long as they are CONTROLLED by liberals. They know they can’t do it by government action, so they hope to BANKRUPT the gun industry, and anybody who owns, or wants to own a gun. Thereby, they hope to stifle that constitutional right by going OUTSIDE of government action to gain their goals by nefarious means. (Bearing Arms)

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