Friday, August 10, 2018

Liberals Are to Blame

The liberals complain about the “conditions” in our big cities, never mentioning that liberals are the ones “in charge” in those big cities, and it is THEIR POLICIES that have CAUSED those conditions. Look at any big city with miserable conditions, and you’ll find a liberal government, in place, many times for YEARS. One of the worst examples right now is San Francisco, where people CRAP in the streets, and nobody does anything, either to stop the practice and punish those who continue to do it, or even to CLEAN UP the crap in the streets. All they do is send out bureaucrats to make MAPS as to where the most crap is in the streets, so people can avoid the worst of it. Some such cities are BANKRUPT because the liberals in charge have no idea what they’re doing, and spend all their time spending other people’s money, demanding more when it threatens to run out, and blaming others for their own shortcomings. They whine and cry about CRIME in their cities without mentioning that their “gun laws” that disarm the law-abiding just make things worse. They tend to make the law-abiding “easy targets” for the bad guys, who routinely IGNORE their simple minded, USELESS “gun laws. (Just common sense)

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