Tuesday, August 7, 2018

They Have No Answer

Liberals have nothing logical they can say to answer the logical arguments of non-liberals. I say non liberals because not all non-liberals are conservative. I am not a conservative. I am a “rational individualist” who likes MOST of what conservatives say and do, but who does have some basic differences with them. The liberals, since they HAVE no answers, are beginning to resort to violence and intimidation. Antifa is their violent arm and they put on their masks and attack Christians and other non liberals when they gather. They blow whistles so they can’t speak, and cause RIOTS to keep them from making speeches. They find Trump people doing normal people things and confront them, screeching stupid remarks about them, with NOTHING based on something REAL, but which is only in their “fevered imaginations.” They hope thereby to intimidate them and force them to resign so they will not be so hated by liberals and their dupes. Another benefit to them is to convince potential Trump appointees not to want the job, because the hassle is just too much. This is the action of somebody who has nothing they can SAY in opposition. Lie about Trump, and hassle his people. That’s all they have. Blow whistles in their faces and accuse THEM of committing violence when they physically object. If one of those fools blew a whistle in my face, I’d shove it down his throat, or up his rear end, wherever his mouth is. (Just common sense)

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