Monday, August 13, 2018

Failed Yet Again

Again, a shooter in a mass killing got his gun legally, because, up to the time he murdered a bunch of people, he had not yet committed a crime that disallowed him from buying a gun. I'm talking about the killer in Annapolis, MD, who walked into a local newspaper office and killed five people with a shotgun that he had bought legally a year previously. NO, that's not an oversight. People who have committed no crimes have the constitutional RIGHT to own and use guns, and to buy same. The Second Amendment guarantees it. And unless the American people allow something STUPID to happen, that's not going to change. This is yet ANOTHER proof that the very approach the anti-gun fools take is WRONG. It's USELESS to attempt to get rid of the TOOL for violence. An evildoer will always find a way, as the mass killer in communist China, who killed a bunch of school children with KNIFE figured out, for himself. The killer in Annapolis gave us plenty of warning, but nobody paid any attention. We need to start paying attention to this kind of person when they unwittingly warn us of their insanity. (Breitbart)

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