Friday, August 17, 2018

Cleaning San Fran Streets

San Francisco is a unique city. It’s different from any other city in this country. Especially since the streets are filled with human sh-t, and that problem is getting worse, every day. New Mayor London Breed, who won the recent special election after the death of the previous mayor, has a plan to “clean up the streets.” She’s going to ASK the people who sh-t on the streets to stop doing it. No punishment discussed if they ignore her. Horrors! Punish people? Not in a liberal-run city! What are you THINKING? One thing neither she, nor anybody else thinks about is that the homeless, many of whom are suffering from mental disabilities, are the ones most responsible, and who probably won’t even notice her exhortations, if they care, at all. What disturbs me a lot, is that those who would sh-t in the streets in other cities might take notice of how this is being handled, and will begin to do the same. That includes the city I live in, Denver, which is also run by liberal Dumocrats. This is an illustration of what people have to put up with in cities run by liberals (Dumocrats). “Overlooking” such serious violations of human actions as this and providing NO PUNISHMENT for those who refuse to change their ways. (DC Clothesline)

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