Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Climate Change Is Real

Global warming is NOT. Global warming fools keep trying to claim things are “the result” of “climate change” (name changed from global warming because that term didn’t work any longer) when that is a silly claim. Yes, “climate change” is real. But it is NOT the result of anything man did. Or CAN do. Climate change is CYCLICAL. At times the globe warms. At other times it cools. That’s a given. Nothing man can do is going to change that, no matter how much greedy politicians want to USE it to con more money out of taxpayers for specious excuses. Global warming is not because the globe has NOT been warming, for almost 20 years. All the time global warming fools want to convince you it is. But the climate HAS been changing. It will continue to change in its own way, no matter how much more money politicians can con out of taxpayers they convince they can use that money to change the unchangeable. It mystifies me that otherwise intelligent people can’t grasp this simple fact. Or maybe they just don’t WANT to grasp it. They can make more money by NOT grasping it. Former VP AlGore has made BILLIONS conning people about global warming. When it was discovered that the globe had not been warming for almost 20 years, he decided to change the name of his swindle to keep using it to make money because calling it “global warming” wasn’t working any more. (Just common sense)

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