Friday, August 10, 2018

So Many Stupid People!

Every time some fool kills a bunch of people, no matter what he uses to get the job done, the anti-gun fools are INSTANTLY out in force demanding more of their useless gun laws that do NOTHING to stop such outrages. Why can't they understand a simple thing, that their laws are USELESS? They have to be aware of that. But they still insist on making more and more of them, trampling the Constitution in the process, and getting even more innocent people killed. There's a simple "cure" for such mass shooters, and that is a law-abiding person in that crowd with his/her own gun, the training and will to use it, who can END the quest to kill as many people as possible. A "slip of a girl" in a Colorado Springs church proved that when a gunman came into the church where she was worshiping. The pastor had told her to keep her gun while in the church, just in case of trouble (a wise man, that). So she did. And when a fool came shooting, she was able to "wing him," convincing him his quest was over. So he killed himself after killing only TWO worshipers inside that church. They CALLED her a "security guard," but she was just a worshiper who VOLUNTEERED to act as one in case of trouble. The anti-gun fools ignore such things, and tell us if the law-abiding were allowed to carry guns, THEY would "go nuts" and "shoot up the landscape." That's STUPID, but that's their position, for some strange reason or other. (Truth or Fiction)

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