Monday, August 6, 2018

Phony Shooting Stories

"Cops kill black men 21 times more often than white men.” That’s the narrative. But those figures aren’t even CLOSE to being accurate It's a made-up figure that has been accepted by the liberal media without question. Many police departments don’t even publish numbers about the occurrence of cops shooting people, nor do they separate them into black or white, male or female, which tends to twist the figures in favor of the idea that cops shoot blacks way too often. Neither do they keep track of how many black men shoot cops. They also say, “And as often as not, the black males are unarmed.” But that’s not true, either. “Research” by the “Violence Policy Center,” (a known anti-gun fool outfit) only “proves” they are incompetent shooters. Yes, there are exceptions. But, they are few. Anti-gun fools "cherry pick" things from each shooting to make them SEEM to support their moronic rhetoric. (Just common sense)

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