Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Brought It On Themselves

Illegal aliens entering this country illegally are committing a CRIME. They KNOW there's an almost sure chance they're going to go into detention because previous illegal aliens who have been ALLOWED into this country while their case is being adjudicated have not showed up for their hearings, and have disappeared into the country. If they enter illegally, it is a FELONY, and they will almost surely be imprisoned, if caught. We do not imprison the children of criminals with them, and so they MUST be separated from them until the parents are released. They KNOW this, but they come, anyway, and they bring their children with them, KNOWING they will be separated from them for a time. This is not a procedure just with illegal aliens. ANY criminal who goes to prison WILL BE "separated from his children" while he or she is in prison. And that is true with illegal aliens, too. They KNOW this, but they come here, anyway. Previous (Dumocrat, mostly) administrations have IGNORED the law, so they knew they could "game the system," and they did. When Trump began ENFORCING THE LAW, they were "appalled." so were America's liberals. They saw it as yet another way to (maybe) get rid of Trump, and they jumped on it. (Vox)

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