Friday, October 5, 2018

“Serious Accusations”

The Dumocrats talk about the accusations made by Christine Ford and some other women as being “serious accusations,” as if just the accusations meant Judge Kavanaugh was guilty, just because he has been ACCUSED. Well, ANYBODY can make an accusation, so long as no proof is required, as seems to be the case, here. Yes, many women HAVE been sexually abused, and don’t have any proof. That doesn’t mean a man, about whom there has NEVER been any CREDIBLE accusations in his 36 years since Christine Ford’s accusations, MUST be guilty, just because she has accused him, while she can’t remember ANYTHING about that night except her conviction it was Kavanaugh who did it, even with her foggy memory of the whole night. She can’t remember how she got there, how long she stayed, or how she got home, while the people she said were witnesses denied any knowledge of any rapes or near-rapes occurring. And isn’t it strange that he is only “supposed” to have sexually abused fanatic Dumocrat left-wingers? People who have actually held POSITIONS in Dumocrat organizations, and have been seen “demonstrating” for liberal “causes?” Accusations are NOT proof of wrongdoing, absent some kind of proof to back them up. (Just common sense)

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