Wednesday, October 31, 2018

"He's Democrat! It's False!"

When a woman accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual impropriety 40 YEARS AGO without a shred of evidence, and a very spotty memory of the whole thing, Dumocrats treated it as if he had been CONVICTED of it, and went after him with all the daggers out. They lost, but they still pushed a couple more unprovable accusations that were OBVIOUS fabrications, even while he was being confirmed as a Justice of the Supreme Court. Then similar accusations of sexual impropriety came up against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and they were instantly described by every Dumocrat as being FALSE, and an FBI “investigation was demanded. He’s a DUMOCRAT, after all. He’s not a Republican, about which any such accusation should be regarded as Gospel. No such accusation against a Dumocrat could possibly be true! It’s just not right that a Dumocrat should be subjected to such a damning accusation! They’re such good people, ya know! (I write this with tongue firmly in cheek, and does my tongue hurt!) Any such accusation against a Dumocrat should be disregarded, and “investigated” as a crime. But those against a Republican should be BELIEVED, without reservation. (NBC News)

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