Monday, October 8, 2018

Democrats Think They're Royalty

They think they’re ENTITLED to “rule the roost” in DC, and any effort to keep them from doing it is an ”insurrection.” They’re firmly convinced Trump’s stunning victory in 2016 is a COUP! Because they think they are like America’s ROYALTY, with an inherent right to rule. They resent any effort to stop them from running things to the extent that they look upon someone like Trump as a “traitor” for stopping their schemes and scams to fleece America. They think he’s “circumventing 1,000 years of established power structure.” Never mind it has been a structure of failure, propped up by violence. The “established power structure” for a thousand years has been based on collectivism (socialism) and killing your enemies. And liberals today are fomenting violence against those who disagree with them. They commit violence to keep those with whom they disagree from even getting to speak. They stand next to them and blow police whistles so they can’t be heard. And if you object, they attack you. They’re AFRAID somebody will listen and be convinced we ARE right. Not just “THE right,” And we ARE right, which is why this country is the “destination of choice” for so many people. (Just common sense)

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