Monday, October 8, 2018

Defensive Gun Use Rises

The anti-gun fools will paint it as a bad thing, as more and more law-abiding LEGAL gun owners shoot the bad guys who try and victimize them with their ILLEGAL guns. They’ll call it, “more gun violence,” as more and more people defend themselves against the bad guys with their own LEGAL guns. They just can’t tell the difference between honest people defending themselves and the bad guys victimizing them. Or they just don’t want to. Every time a gun sends a bullet down the barrel is a “gun crime” to them, and they use it to improve their phony numbers. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports this increase, which makes anti-gun fools crazy. So they just LIE about what it means, to keep up appearances. And you know what they say in politics: appearance is ALL. It doesn’t matter how big a LIE it is, somebody will believe it, and keep up the pressure on lawmakers to enact more USELESS anti-gun laws, while people DIE because of it. They use these defensive gun uses to illustrate their LIES that, “gun violence is out of control.” But make no mistake. They ARE “concerned” that those figures HAVE risen, and WILL have an effect on their efforts to take away our gun rights. What I want to know is, why is the CDC getting involved in this? Gun use is NOT a “disease.” (Bearing Arms)

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