Tuesday, October 2, 2018

They Have No Rights

Liberals seem to think illegal aliens have the same constitutional rights as do American citizens. They do NOT. When they are arrested for a crime, cops do not have to read them their rights, because they have none, although they sometimes do, out of habit. And, even though I am a Second Amendment supporter, that also means they have no rights under the Second Amendment. They do not have the right to be armed, for self defense, or for any other reason. The same with Islamic terrorists who slip into the country to do their mischief. I’m sorry if that disappoints the liberals, but that’s the way it is. You have to be an American to have constitutional rights. Either natural born, or MADE a citizen by following the law. The key here is “following the law.” Illegal aliens are CRIMINALS, and should be TREATED as criminals. That includes being incarcerated, and separated from their families, even if liberals object. We don’t send children to prison with their parents in this country, as they sometimes do in other countries. If both parents come in illegally, BOTH should be incarcerated, while the children are cared for elsewhere while they are incarcerated. And no amount of court actions should change that. Courts way too often try and inhibit the government, and keep them from doing enforcing the law. (NY Daily News)

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