Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Declaring His Stupidity

The best way to get rid of the gun control foolishness is to stop electing anti-gun fools. It’s easy to do, usually, because the fools who want to take away our constitutional right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun, really think the whole country is behind them. So they willingly ANNOUNCE it. Very few anti-gun fools HIDE their intentions. In Minneapolis, a mayoral candidate wants to disarm the COPS! The people who have to go up against the holders of ILLEGAL guns, daily. The people who will die first if that ever happens. If it ever happens, all the cops should resign. In England, the cops have (mostly) been disarmed for a long time, but they are rethinking that, as many unarmed cops get killed, all the time. In France, a couple of terrorists shot up a newspaper office and killed 11 people with ILLEGAL guns while unarmed cops cowered behind their cars and could do nothing. The whole idea of disarming the cops is a STUPID IDEA, and the guy who proposes it should be soundly defeated at the polls—and he will be, because his stupidity is on display. Many anti-gun politicians keep their wishes “on the down-low,” so they can get elected, and then work to get rid of that right. Never mind, everything they do gets more people killed. (Gun Free Zone)

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