Thursday, October 11, 2018

Unintended Consequences

Obama hates it, but he became the best gun salesman on the planet when he did his best to DISARM all Americans. Now lawmakers all over are trying to ban 3D printed guns, which will make them irresistible and promote more and more sales to people who otherwise might not even want one. That is the “unintended consequence” of all their efforts to make it impossible for law-abiding Americans to have the means for self defense. Bad for them, good for us. And they don’t even realize it. Anti-gun fools flail and flail around and try valiantly to disarm us—and largely, they fail. They blame the NRA. They blame various politicians for “doing nothing to protect Americans,” completely ignoring the fact that NONE of their vaunted anti-gun laws ever do ANYTHING to bring “gun violence” down. In fact, it INCREASES it, buy keeping the law-abiding, for the most part, disarmed, and unable to defend themselves, making things much easier for criminals and other bad guys to victimize us. Hitler disarmed the Germans, just before he MURDERED millions of them because they were Jewish. Stalin did it, too, and he murdered his own millions. If it ever happens here, you can EXPECT the government massacre to come. (Motherboard)

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