Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Her Own Medicine

“Mad Max(ine)” Waters likes to tell her “supporters” to harass members of the Trump administration, and we’ve seen them do it. Coming up to them while they are eating dinner in a restaurant, or just going into their homes. Or “cornering” people in elevators and screaming at them with inanities. She needs to get a dose of her own medicine. I’m sure she goes out to eat often, so somebody needs to go up to her and harass her the same way her acolytes do to Trump people. Find her walking on the street and chase her down the street screaming inanities at her, the way her dupes are doing to Trump people. She may think she is immune to such harassment. She is NOT. We need to go at her the same way she recommends her acolytes go after Trump people: personally. Make life a “living hell” for her the same way her dupes are doing to Trump people. Her methods are NOT “good politics.” They are “politics of harassment,” and for them she should be punished. The best way to punish her is to subject her to the same treatment. She will find reasons “it’s wrong,” completely ignoring the fact that her reasons also apply to her and her dupes. Her most recent asinine act is to release the phone numbers and home addresses of Congress members, thereby putting them in danger. We need to get, and release HER home address and personal phone number in the same manner. (Keep and Bear)

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