Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Stupid Liberal Dupes

Employee at a T-Mobile store told a cop who entered their store to disarm, or they would not serve him. Then they told him to leave after he refused. It’s stupid to even THINK about demanding a COP disarm himself, in order to do business in your store. There are way too many other stores able, and willing to have his business if you don’t want it. I’m sure this is not T-Mobile’s corporate policy, and they will soon “come down” on these employees for sending business away for a foolish reason. Cops will NEVER disarm themselves while on duty. People like this have to learn it, though they probably never will. To demand a uniformed cop disarm in order to do business with you is to tell him you don’t want the business of ANY cop, and that can mean a big loss for your company. I’d bet these short-sighted employees won’t be employees for much longer. (The Blaze)

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