Monday, October 1, 2018

"Put Up or Shut Up!"

That’s what Rudy Giuliani is telling Mueller. Mueller’s been messing around for almost two years now, spending untold millions of taxpayer dollars in his attempt to frame Trump for something, ANYTHING he can use to “get rid of him.” His very APPOINTMENT as “special counsel” (or whatever they’re calling it now) was false. There is supposed to be a CRIME to be investigated, and there was NO CRIME here. “Collusion” with the Russians might be unethical, but it is NOT a “CRIME.” He has found a few minor things to get indictments for, but nothing even APPROACHING Trump being in “collusion” with the Russians. He has ruined several lives, caused several people to go BANKRUPT from legal fees, but has found NOTHING to advance his “orders” from the DNC to “frame Trump for something.” Now Rudy is calling their bluff. They think Mueller can’t be fired, and that’s probably true. If Trump fires him it will cost him politically. But calling his BLUFF will not. And if Mueller can’t deliver, he’s FINISHED, even if he is not fired. (CNN)

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