Tuesday, October 2, 2018

"Dangerous Level of Propaganda"

The Washington Postrecently “pulled the gloves off” in their coverage of a mass shooting foiled by two legal concealed carriers by intimating that the actions of these two were as bad as those of the mass shooter. They said the shooter’s actions did not require the “death penalty” when, actually, they did. They described it as “three shooters,” ignoring the unalterable fact that two of those shooters STOPPED the mass shooting and saved a bunch of lives. They tried their best to paint the heroes as “bad guys,” when they are the heroes of the plot. The local authorities recognized them as such. Not so with the gun-hating Washington Post. With this story, they proved the fact that they published GARBAGE, and that you could no longer believe ANYTHING they published. Mostly, this is an example of the LIES told by the anti-gun fools, of which they are part. After this, if you read ANYTHING they write, make use of your BS Meter and verify anything they print with at least two other sources, preferably not liberal sources. This kind of propaganda is insidious and dangerous, and it makes us wonder if the First Amendment is as good a thing as the Second. There should really be SOME kind of “oversight” over the TRUTH of what is printed. (American Gun News)

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