Thursday, October 11, 2018

It's An Old Story

The man who shot and seriously wounded a Colorado Springs, CO cop was an immigrant from Iraq who had been in many (9) brushes with the law in the last five years and was “scheduled” to be deported. He has been involved in many crimes, from DUI to attempted murder, but has still been allowed to stay in America. One of his brushes was for being found with an ILLEGAL gun. He was charged with being a felon in possession of a gun at the time, which apparently didn’t slow him down a bit. Yes, he was a LEGAL immigrant. But the question is, why all the delay in getting him sent home? He was a known troublemaker who WOULD, if not deported, kill someone someday. And he almost did it, in this case. It was only dumb luck this cop didn’t die, making him a murderer. One of his crimes was criminal extortion and, after “coming into some money” began using drugs and drinking, according to reports. The question is, where did the money he “came into” come from? Did he steal it? Or did he extort it from somebody? From his record, it seems more than possible he did. This article doesn’t go into that, or “glosses it over.” Another question is, how many ILLEGAL immigrants have similarly gotten away with many crimes before they MURDERED somebody? Like the many times deported illegal alien who shot and killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco, right in front of her father, and claimed, “the gun went off by accident,” and in that liberal atmosphere, he was believed, and he “walked” on a murder charge. And there is no telling where (in the US) he is today. (Colorado Springs Gazette)

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