Wednesday, October 10, 2018

"Becoming the Norm"

That’s what the Colorado Springs, CO police chief said, after yet another cop was shot. And he’s right. Way too many holders of ILLEGAL guns are shooting, and sometimes KILLING cops, who are just doing their jobs, trying to keep the rest of us safe. You can thank such as the “Black Lives Matter” crowd, who CLAIM that cops shoot too many black men. Something they can’t prove, because there are no stats to prove it. You can also thank those who BUY, and spew the fiction that cops go out each day, trying to see how many black men they can kill. The fact is, just about ALL the black men the cops kill are shooting at them, or are just about to. Or they are shooting each other and others. One candidate for governor of a major state is running on a platform that includes DISARMING the cops, which is about the stupidest thing I can think of. The idea that the cops willfully kill black men is an idea promoted by CRIMINALS, who would LOVE for the cops to be disarmed, like law-abiding people are, now, so they can rob, assault, and kill them at will, with little opposition. (Fox News)

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