Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Obama: Best President?

There are a few polls out, asking if Barack Obama was the best president we’ve ever had. I maintain these polls are “tongue in cheek” or, if not, resulting from faulty thinking. The evidence that Obama was the WORST president, ever, is out there, and the charts shown in this article show it. Everything that should have gone down or remained level went UP sharply, while those that should have gone up or remained constant, went DOWN sharply. In most presidencies, some numbers go the wrong way. It’s inevitable. But for this many numbers going in the wrong direction shows one of two things: incompetence, or willful sabotage of everything the president can affect. I think the latter, but it might have been the former. Simple incompetence in a man who thinks he is superior to everybody else in the world—and he has his “acolytes” convinced of it. I can’t believe there are so many stupid people, outside of brainwashed liberal dupes, as to believe this fool was a good president, when his policies very nearly did us in, both in the economy, and on the international stage. One more thing Trump is reversing. (Liberty Park Press)

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