Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Turning the Tables

I don’t know if he can win or not, but the baker who was sued by a couple of gay guys because he would not bake a cake for their wedding, celebrating their life style because he was against that lifestyle on religious grounds, and won, is now suing the State of Colorado for “anti-religious bias.” Depends on who he gets as a judge: a liberal or a conservative. Liberals will solidly vote against him, while conservatives are more likely to support this constitutional right the state has attempted to ignore. Gays are using the courts to “get around” the Constitution with their silly ideas, and so are Islamic terrorists, who are using the same scam to force bakers to bake cakes celebrating their ideas, too. And both have, in the past, gotten such huge “judgments” as to bankrupt that baker, while getting a big payday for themselves, and FORCING people to recognize and APPROVE of their lifestyle, or their phony religion. (Daily Signal)

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