Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Don't Use Facebook

In communist China, the government completely controls the Internet. In order to operate there, Google and other Internet platforms have to agree to let the communist China government control it, and censor it in any fashion they wish. In America, liberals are trying to fix it so the government can control the Internet in the same way. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are their current targets, because they are ORGANIZED. They have the ABILITY to censor their users in any way they wish—just like in communist China. The solution is simple. Just don’t use them. I’ve been a “conservative commentator” on the Internet for most of the last 20 years and, to my knowledge, have never been censored. Because I don’t use those platforms for my distribution. Yes, I have a Facebook account. And a Twitter account. But I rarely go to either. I might go there once in a while when I have nothing to do (which is rarely). But I never tell any of them all my business. When I go there, I just watch. And I MIGHT answer a post or two. But I Rarely make posts of my own. I use Google sometimes, but if I can’t get what I want from there, I go elsewhere. The point is, I don’t DEPEND on them. They re NOT a major part of my system. They are on the periphery, and could be discarded, at any time. So them censoring conservatives does not bother me in the least. They don’t even know I exist. (Just common sense)

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