Saturday, March 16, 2013

"This'll FINISH the NRA"

Michael Moore is a FOOL. He has said many fool things in his quest for riches, but this is one of the most disgusting. He says we need to release pictures of the bodies of the Sandy Hook murders (mostly children) and that will “finish the NRA, which is a “front runner in the fight to retain our right to self-defense and to own the means to it, a gun. He forgets the murderer in that case MURDERED his mother and STOLE the guns he used to murder those children. The right to own guns for “crazies” like him had nothing to do with it. My contention that ONE PERSON in that school who had a gun and the will to use it could have stopped that shooting by KILLING him has just been proven again. But, like all schools, that school was a “gun-free zone,” which did NOTHING to stop him. Anti-gun laws NEVER do. Criminals and crazies bent on murdering innocent people don’t obey laws. More likely releasing those pictures would finish people like Michael Moore, who is right with those incompetent politicians who think restricting gun ownership by responsible citizens will stop CRIMINALS from getting their guns, almost ALL of whom get them ILLEGALLY in the first place. But people like those incompetent politicians and Michael Moore will never understand that. They’re too STUPID. (Mediaite)


Anonymous said...

Then they should also release photos of all the dead bodies of all the aborted babies resulting from democrats' Planned Parenthood!

Ray Thomas said...

Anon: They don't think of that. All they care about is THEIR agenda.