Thursday, November 12, 2015

Carrying It Too Far

A twiddly “man” was subjected to opinions not his own outside a Wal-Mart store and ran home to lie in his “birth position” on the floor for three and a half days because of it. Now he's demanding the RESIGNATION of the President of Wal-Mart because of it. This article is a parody of the “average liberal” today, who demands all sorts of STUPID things and threatens to come, with his friends, and stand outside the store holding “non-offensive” (to him) signs, chanting slogans and irritating everybody in earshot if the president didn't resign. Some of the things he's demanding may seem to be fanciful, but they would demand them if they thought they would get away with it. I really get tired of seeing all the "demonstrators" and hearing all their fool demands, for their IMAGINED slights. We're becoming a "nation of fools" who will "demonstrate" over the dumbest things, DEMANDING the stupidest things. (The Blaze)

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