Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Myth of "Peaceful Muslims"

Yes, it's true that the “average Muslim” doesn't go out and KILL people wantonly for not believing in the same things they believe in, But the things they DO believe in are so terrible they should be shunned. And that's NOT “Islamaphobia.” that's common sense. Treating women as slaves is bad enough, but the “twisted logic” they use in accusing a woman of “shaming her family” when she was RAPED by one or more Muslim MEN who are not criticized in any way, while often her OWN FAMILY kill her for BEING RAPED. Tell me, what did she POSSIBLY do wrong in the minds of LOGICAL human beings? Muslims like to complain about “religious persecution” in the United States. But there is NO ONE who is WORSE “religious persecutors” than Muslims, in the countries they run. They HATE Christians and their “prophet,” himself was a pedophile and a madman who told his followers to KILL those who didn't profess a Muslim faith. Who wrote that it was okay to LIE to promote their faith. Yes, there ARE “peaceful Muslims,” who kill their own daughters because a MAN victimized her and sometimes kill her for just SPEAKING to the wrong man. then there are those Muslim men who screw little boys and make sexual slaves of them (it's a "cultural thing" with them). (Tea Party Update)

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