Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Science Is NOT "Settled"

Global warming religion followers like to tell you “the science is settled” on global warming (whatever they call it, today). It is NOT “settled.” A group of “bought scientists” have falsified their “findings” to get more “grants” from pro-global warming politicians, who use our money to line THEIR pockets with OUR money, and gain even more power. Other climate scientists, Like Fred singer, who designed the very INSTRUMENTS they use to measure climate, say otherwise. But he is ignored, because his findings don't follow their narrative. MSNBC host Christopher Hayes doesn't know what to do about Marco Rubio's insistence that “the globe has ALWAYS cooled, AND warmed, in CYCLES.” Apparently, Hayes can't HANDLE the truth if it doesn't jibe with his preconceived notions, not backed by REAL scientific findings. Like most people, he rejects knowledge that is contrary to his religion. Unfortunately, as with Muslims, his religion is based on the strangled cry of a SWINDLER. This one has made $MILLIONS on it. The other gained millions of followers for his foolishness, and they're killing millions who don't believe in THEIR religion. (Twitchy)

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