Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Typical Government Overspending

I have said many times that the top politicians in our government are, as a rule, incompetent. People deride me for saying that. Then the government immediately proves me right the very next day. As in this case, where they wanted to build a gas station in Afghanistan that, anywhere else (not government financed), would cost about $300,-000 dollars. Instead, under the auspices of our benevolent government, it cost $43 MILLION DOLLARS. 140 times more than it should have cost. The people who authorized payment can't explain the overage. They're too incompetent.--or crooked. Just like a few years ago the government bought a $300.00 HAMMER. Bad enough, but they're getting better (or worse, depending on your viewpoint).

According to the usual investment estimates for similar stations elsewhere, it should cost only $200,000to $500,000.The $3 million dollar estimate itself for this one is excessive, but they managed to exceed that by $40 million dollars! According to Afghanistan authorities, this station cost 140 times as it might have cost in Pakistan. The Department of Defense is “stonewalling” the investigation into WHY the overspending, which is no surprise. Whenever a government agency is investigated for its incompetence, it ALWAYS “stonewalls” the investigation, hoping it will become “old news” and the government will forget all about it. Predictably, since this is a Democrat administration, the liberal media has not said a word about it. (Town Hall)

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