Saturday, November 28, 2015

Don't Close GITMO

I know Obama wants desperately to close Guantanamo That prison for Islamic terrorists he can't call “prisoners of war” because he maintains this is NOT a war. So he releases them, a few at a time, so they can go back and swell the ranks of Jihadists in killing “unbelievers,” world-wide.” There is not real reason for releasing these bloody murderers except Obama's whims. Most all there ARE murderers, many times over. They were mostly “caught in the act” of murdering civilians, beheading them, raping and killing CHILDREN and adults. Liberals say keeping them prisoner is 'unconstitutional,” but that's WRONG. These people are NOT American citizens, and don't HAVE any”constitutional rights. It is only because Obama refuses to face up to the fact that we are AT WAR with Islamic terrorists that they are not listed as “prisoners of war,” period. If he doesn't want to hold them prisoner any more, just kill them for their crimes. (NewsMax)

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