Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The War Against Religion

The war against religion is proceeding apace. Liberals have managed to keep any vestige of religion out of schools, and have moved into bakeries, who are penalized fearfully if they violate their religious principles by refusing to make cakes for gay “weddings.” It's a clear violation of the Constitution for the government to do so, but they don't care. Obama has led the way on that. They want to eliminate prayers completely from schools, or in any place CONNECTED to a school (except. Of course, for Muslim prayers). Now they're threatening to FIRE a coach for praying in public at games. Acolytes to the “atheist religion” think their wishes should be more important than those of real religious people. They want to eliminate Christmas decorations (if they include Christ, whose very BIRTHDAY is the reason FOR Christmas.

They create “new” religions, such as “Kwanzaa,” which really worship no God, and DEMAND we recognize them, to the exclusion of every other religion except Kwanzaa or Islam The world is “going to hell in a handbasket,” and that's not just griping by an old man. It's happening, everywhere, in every way. I'm not really big on organized religion, but I resent their efforts to destroy the religion that's closest to what I believe, Christianity. Which is the religion this country was BASED on at the beginning. No law was passed requiring people to observe it, which is right. And no law should be made to require observe any other religion, either—but that's what atheists are after. (Town Hall)

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