Saturday, November 14, 2015

Death in France

In one of the best illustrations of how one person with a loaded gun in an audience when a mass killer comes in to kill people, the massacre in France was carried out in that concert hall by TWO PEOPLE. A third was probably killed by a member of a biker gang who was attending the concert—and you know they ALL have guns. That reduced the number of attackers to TWO, who managed to kill about 100 or more people before men with guns came in and stopped them. When they saw the men with guns, they blew themselves up before they could be shot. Even now, stupid politicians are beginning “TALKS” with the Islamic terrorists in Syria. As if “talks” will stop them from their rabid killings. It's stupid politicians like this that CONTRIBUTE to the success (so far) of the Islamic terrorists, who use “talks” to stall while they become stronger while they go on. (New York Daily News)

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