Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Obama Is "Tone-Deaf"

When it comes to Islamic terrorists. He will not even USE the TERM “Islamic terrorists.” One time he was heard to say ISIS wasn't even MUSLIM! ISIS members must have been very much surprised to learn THAT! How many different ways can that coward Obama ignore the danger represented by these people who behead innocent CHILDREN as well as adults? Who are spreading like a cancer over the Middle East because nobody seems to be effectively fighting them? (Until they downed that Russian airliner and killed more than 150 innocents in Paris, that is). Now Russia and France are decimating their ranks. Oh, they're going to SUFFER because of that. And howl Screaming very loudly about being “profiled” and killed, “only because they're Muslim.” Nothing about the people they killed. They made their biggest mistake, there. Until they killed those Russians and French, nobody was fighting them much. Now they're losing people right and left, seeing their best installations blown up, and their leaders killed. They've lost more in the last few days than in all the time since they started. But it's up to somebody else to do it. Obama has his blinders firmly in place. Their “best friend in America” is no longer able to help them much. Though he is still trying, mightily. (Info Wars)

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