Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Austrians Smarter

They're definitely smarter than Americans! I'm talking about American POLITICIANS, not citizens. They can easily see the danger they're being put in by their government allowing in thousands of Muslim “refugees,” many of whom are simply Islamic terrorists who have come there to kill people. They're going out and buying guns with which to defend themselves. Unlike Americans, many of whom have docilely allowed their government to disarm them in the face of similar danger. Our politicians daily pass unconstitutional measures to DISARM us. Now they're even trying to stop us from buying BULLETS, which have no Second Amendment protection.

If our danger was just from the usual armed criminals who have no trouble getting their guns ILLEGALLY, that would be one thing. But with the expected influx of Islamic terrorists that Obama is not only ALLOWING in, but is actively using our tax money to FINANCE, makes it a lot worse. I'll tell you frankly, I'm going to get a gun (maybe more than one) and I'm not going to do it legally so the government can't come and take it away from me. You might say I'm opening myself up to charges, but if those liberal fools can publicly tell people to kill cops with impunity, I shouldn't have to worry. I'm only talking about MAYBE breaking the law, in the FUTURE. Until I DO it, there's no law to be broken, though they'll probably try to make one up. (Freedom Outpost)

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