Saturday, November 21, 2015

Winning In Michigan

The basic scheme for Muslims wanting to take over America is to immigrate, in large numbers, and breed like rabbits, so soon they outnumber us and can get their way that way. They have been successful in Hamtramk, MI, one of two suburbs of Detroit, which have large numbers of Muslims living there. I've heard about the Muslims in Dearborn, how they practically run things there, due to their numbers. But I've never heard about Hamtramk, before. My first knowledge of them was when they elected FOUR Muslims to the six-member Council. They'll probably get a Muslim mayor, too, since Muslims now outnumber human beings on the Council. If they keep this up and we LET them, they'll win without firing a shot. This city has become the first to make it's stupidity “official.” And electing a majority of Muslims IS stupidity, because they will quickly enact their own versions of law in spite of the Constitution and the Americans living there will have to live by them until the Supreme Court can act—which if they appoint enough Muslims or Muslim sympathizers to the Supreme court will be the END of America as a free country. That scares the hell out of me. Not the Muslims, but giving them the advantage of the LAW. (Conservative Byte)

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