Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Australian "Myth"

Hillary Clinton has lauded Australia, where semi-automatic handguns are BANNED, as a “country with reasonable, good sense gun laws.”But ARE they “good sense” or “reasonable?” a recent SPIKE in gun sales there to CRIMINALS (misreported by their “yellow journalism” media) seems to put the LIE to that. It is well known that violent crime INCREASED by about 300% after they BANNED semi-automatic handguns after a well-known slaughter. One of the reasons for the increase in “gun crime” is that the very POSSESSION of certain guns is, itself, a “gun crime.” Another reason is that the semi-automatic gun is the favorite weapon of the “criminal class.” Crime, generally, is GOING DOWN in many areas of America where “wiser heads” have made laws making it easier for honest, law-abiding people to own and carry their guns for self-defense. But people like Hillary think that's a “bad thing,” despite the reduction in crime because of it, which they deny. (Cogito Ergo Geek)

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