Friday, November 6, 2015

Lapdogs Fawn Over Hillary

The liberal media is completely “in the bag” for Hillary. You wonder why she seems to be still leading the Democrat presidential campaign lists, in spite of being the subject of SEVERAL criminal investigations? She wants to be guaranteed housing and support for the rest of her days by getting herself elected (with the help of the liberal media) president. I think she will attain that goal—at least, for a time—but it will be in PRISON, not the White House. That was how Obama came out of NOWHERE in 2007 and got himself elected president, twice. The liberal media will SAY NOTHING about the idiotic things he has done AS president, and will willfully falsify numbers to keep it LOOKING like he is still in favor. That's how he got re-elected, in spite of the asinine things he has done. Now they're doing it for Hillary, after Obama's “string” has run out. (Twitchy)

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