Wednesday, November 25, 2015

GOP Scared to Death!

They are being shown every day that Trump is not only strong enough to win the Republican nomination, but to make mincemeat out of Hillary in the general election, and that is not good for them. He has demonstrated that he is going to “upset many of their applecarts” and end many of their little “fiefdoms,” and they can't have that.. So now they've tried to attack his very candidacy, saying he failed to PROVE her was, in fact, a Republican. They think they've got him since he signed that pledge to support the winner if he lost. But that didn't include if he lost due to underhanded dealings and chicanery, so he is now making rumblings about an independent campaign—and they know he is one who could win as an independent, making the Republicans go the way of the Whigs. They'd better “wise up” and get on the bandwagon, or he'll leave them in the dust and win the whole shebang without them. (World Net Daily)

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