Friday, November 20, 2015

They Don't Understand

Our “astute” politicians are completely mystified as to WHY the Islamic terrorists are mad at us. Never mind the terrorists have told us, many times, exactly why they hate us: we're not Muslim! It's as simple as that. Being “nice to them” does NOT quell their anger in any way. The only thing they're mad about is that we don't recognize the “wisdom” of their “very special religion” that was formed in the seventh century among people who were IGNORANT and easily led by somebody like Mohammad, and convert to it. They think their “religion” is the best invention since sliced bread, something most of them have never seen.

Obama refuses to even USE the words, “Islamic terrorism,” or any other combination of words that mean the same. Hillary swears that ALL Muslims are “peaceful people” who mean us no harm, while militant Muslims all over rape, kill, and maim people who don't subscribe to their kind of Islam. Even other kinds of Muslims are subject to their ire if they don't believe EXACTLY the same way they do. And while they're at it, they “relax” by screwing little boys (and little girls). It's a “cultural thing” with them. ALL of them. Not just the extremists. Our politicians are so incompetent they can't see what's in front of their faces. And THAT will defeat us. Not the “excellence” of Muslims, which is a myth. (Hot Air)

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