Monday, November 23, 2015

Democrat Stupidity

Everything Democrats do reflects their STUPIDITY. They want to stop even OFF-DUTY COPS from being able to carry “assault weapons.” Never mind they might come on a violent crime being committed at any time, on duty or not, or be forced to defend themselves against vengeful crooks they sent to prison. Gays want to destroy the WORD “marriage” to get all the RIGHTS of married people when all they have to do is create a contract between them SIMILAR to marriage. But they won't accept that. They want the WORD. And Democrats are right with them. Democrats like Bernie Sanders for president, regardless of the fact he is a SOCIALIST, which is absolutely WRONG for America, or any other country. It is a system of THEFT from the PRODUCER of new wealth for the benefit of those who can't, or WON'T create new wealth. Hillary is just as much a socialist, even if she denies it. Her WORDS confirm it. They criticize the rich for BEING rich, when it is the rich who keep this economy GOING. Without the rich, there wouldn't be anything for the Democrats to steal, and call “income redistribution.” Politicians don't “create jobs.” The RICH do. They don't realize that. They think the rich STOLE their riches from the poor. How do you steal something they don't HAVE from the poor? Everything bad we experience is because of the influence of liberals (Democrats), and when they're in the majority, they mess things up, royally. (Just common sense)

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