Monday, November 16, 2015

How To Increase Crime

Obama could write a treatise on the best way to increase the crime statistics in one move. By releasing 6,000 “drug offenders” in one swoop. Drug users who haven't had a “fix” in a long time (in theory, anyway) and who have no money to buy drugs. If he doesn't think that will cause the biggest one-time crime increase ever, he's STUPID. But then, we know he has never been that intelligent. But I didn't think he was completely STUPID. He has shown his complete lac of intelligence in many of his policies—such as releasing so many Islamic terrorists to go back and kill more people. Another example is his determination to close GITMO. A more idiotic move in this day and age, I can't imagine. Obama is second only to George Soros as being the top danger to this country. Why we don't just GET RID OF HIM, I can't understand. I guess there just aren't enough people in DC with the gonads to do it. (Minuteman News)

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