Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Religious Tolerance

Muslims like to holler “religious intolerance” when they think someone is opposing them on anything, for any reason. Even if they KNOW the reason is a good one. They use that as a “tool” to stop opposition. Meanwhile, in the countries where they're running things, there's nothing WORSE than their OWN religious intolerance. They don't just criticize people who oppose them and/or are of a different religion than theirs, they KILL them. They also kill other Muslims who believe slightly differently than they do. They rape the women and behead the men. It's “religious intolerance run amok.” Yet they think they can cry “religious intolerance” and be heard. And they're right, because they've got the president of this country bamboozled and in their corner. He does everything in his power to advance the wishes of the Muslims, even while telling us he's “fighting terrorists (whom he refuses to identify as Islamic terrorists). If we don't get rid of Obama, we're going to lose to the Muslim terrorists, not because they're so good, but because, due to his interference, we're not effectively fighting them. In fact, we're HELPING them. (AmericanThinker)

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