Saturday, November 7, 2015

Global Warming Ruins Everything

Pretty soon they're going to claim global warming creates global COOLING. They're already halfway there with AlGore's name change for his swindle to “climate change,” so he can now attribute ANY change in the weather to his “man-made” theory, which has been disproved in many ways. Now they're saying it impedes sex. That the weather is just “too hot” for sex. Frankly, from my own experience, being “too hot” didn't slow me down a bit in my younger days. Sex is a “sweaty thing,” and excess heat doesn't make it much sweatier. Now they're even taxing COW FARTS, saying THAT “contributes to global warming.” they say “carbon dioxide,” which plants use to make OXYGEN, which we need to STAY ALIVE is a “noxious gas” and needs to be reduced—or taxed (of COURSE, taxed). They use it to create more taxes, and give themselves more POWER over us.. Global Warming is a SWINDLE, pure and simple. The world warms and cools in CYCLES, and has since the very beginning. Man can't do ANYTHING to change it, for good OR bad. Frankly, the world has NOT been in a “warming cycle” for more than 15 years. A fact they wish we'd forget. As long as they can PRETEND it's real, they can fleece us and better control us. (Patriot Post)

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