Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Obama "Commiserates"

Obama spent about an hour on television this morning, telling the world of his “sorrow” over the downing of a Russian airplane over Turkey. He did it as part of his “after meeting” press conference after he met with the President of France to talk about the atrocities committed in Paris by Islamic terrorists (some of whom were also Syrian ”refugees”). Seems like he's been doing a lot of that lately, but little else. Yes, his people did do a little bombing and a few drone strikes, such as the one that is supposed to have killed “Jihadi John," who murdered so many people by beheading them in front of TV cameras, while ignoring a major ISIS headquarters building just FEET away. Seems like everything he does to “fight terrorists” (whom he will not NAME as “Islamic,”) is designed to do them as little damage as possible. They ARE his friends, after all. (CNN)

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