Sunday, November 8, 2015

Obama Wrong, As Usual

He says the economy is “booming,” that unemployment is below 5%. Why then, are 94 million “officially” out of work, with even more no longer being counted because they have given up on ever finding another job and are no longer even trying? Why is Obama trying to raise the debt limit (again) after voting against raising it several times during the Bush administration? I think he's “whistling past the graveyard,” trying to fool us into thinking the economy is booming and we are near full employment. Another thing: “full employment” is not 30 hours or less under his “leadership.” Full employment, under Obama, it a MYTH. It doesn't exist. Everything he does seems to make it worse. Such as rejecting the Keystone Pipeline, and vowing to “bankrupt the coal industry.” He has spent more of our money than there IS, and now he wants to spend even MORE. This is the most INCOMPETENT president in memory, and he doesn't even realize it. Incompetent people never know they ARE incompetent. They think they're the smartest people in the room. (Rush Limbaugh)

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